GlamBase Wheel 2


Created by David Horne, The GlamBase Wheel is a mixing revolution for complexion enhancement. The wheel contains 6 shades that have been blended for easy complexion perfection every time.

The GlamBase Wheel 2 is presented in a windowed compact. 35g.

1. Radiate

The centre shade Radiate is a copper iridescent cream highlighter.

2. Caramel

A cream pigment designed to illuminate and lift features.

3. Toffee

A cream pigment designed to use as a lid neutral base and to highlight and sharpen features.

4. Chestnut

A cream pigment designed to use as a mixing beauty base shade and to shape and sculpt features.

5. Truffle

A deep neutral pigmentation concealer designed to conceal pigmentation and enhance the complexion.

6. Shadow

A deep olivine brown concealer and contour.